The Strong Men, Strong Families Project explores ways to strengthen Aboriginal men’s role in their family and community. The underlying principle is to allow Aboriginal men to come together in a safe and culturally strong place to discuss how to become a good father, loving partner and positive role model within their community.
The program has developed tailored information sessions and interactive workshops dealing with subjects ranging from Anger Management and Drug & Alcohol awareness to “How to Be a Dad”, positive parenting, yarning circles and accessing support when gaining employment, education or vocational training. The program will also provide therapeutic counseling, support and advocacy.
The program will encourage Aboriginal men to take responsibility for their actions and to learn from their past mistakes.
Anger Management will look at the triggers that cause anger, the effects of their anger on their families and strategies to manage their anger.
Drug & Alcohol Awareness will encourage participants to look at the role substance abuse plays in their lives and how it affects their partner, children and community. The program will explore strategies Aboriginal men may use to deal with their addictive behaviors.
How to Be a Dad will look at being a strong father and role model in today’s family. Topics will include positive parenting, role modeling, play options, discipline, abusive behaviors, and budgeting and employment options
The underlying philosophy of Strong Men, Strong Families mirrors that of all of AFSS Community Wellbeing Programs. The program will be tailored for individual communities with key local community member’s co facilitating the program. Ultimately the community will take responsibility for the programs ongoing viability.

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