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About the Project

AFSS Child Protection Reform - Aboriginal Community Engagement Project wants to work and support you to find ways to get your views across to DCP.

The child protection system can scare people and often results in people not talking about their problems and challenges or stops them from asking for help. This historical and ongoing fear and distrust of welfare continues to have a big impact on the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and reduces opportunities to receive support for keeping children with family and community.

Supported by the Sydney Myer Foundation, and overseen by a Steering Committee, AFSS Aboriginal Community Engagement Project aims to engage with Aboriginal families and communities across Northern Metropolitan Adelaide and Port Augusta about child protection. 

AFSS will do this by engaging with the Department for Child Protection, Aboriginal communities and other relevant service providers. We will hold a series of Aboriginal community forums to engage Aboriginal people in discussions, and solutions, to child protection matters and we will create communication pathways between Aboriginal communities and the child protection system.

We will provide clear information and education about the changes in child protection in South Australia, we will facilitate discussions with Aboriginal families and groups and we will advocate on behalf of families to ensure that Aboriginal voices are heard at all stages of the implementation.

We will seek and engage Aboriginal community members who can become Ambassador’s for matters that relate to child protection and its impact of Aboriginal children and young people, their families and their communities.

AFSS wants a long term plan where the child protection system works closely with Aboriginal people and empowers them, one that includes genuine teamwork and partnership and one that empowers Aboriginal communities to take control of child protection. AFSS knows that the best people to give input and guidance on how to change a system are the ones living and experiencing the difficulties.

What can you do?

Contact AFSS in your local area and speak with an AFSS worker.

You can also contact the AFSS Child Protection Reform – Aboriginal Community Engagement Project:

Brigitte Goepfert, Project Officer - Child Protection Reform

134 Waymouth Street Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 8205 1500

Mobile: 0499 889 720