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Who can access the services?

There are a number of criteria that must be met at both units:


Olga Fudge Lodge

Aboriginal females, aged 15-25 years, with or without dependent children, homeless and/or at risk of homelessness, or in crisis. Olga Fudge Lodge is located 5.5km south of the centre of Adelaide. Clients will be assisted in areas such as accommodation needs, parenting skills, financial counselling, legal referral, employment, educational requirements, physical and emotional wellbeing and independent living skills. Referral

for specialist services or medical needs is also available.


Narungga House

Aboriginal males, aged 15-25 years, with or without dependants, homeless and/or at risk of homelessness, or in crisis. Narungga House is located in the southern suburbs close to the beach and clients receive similar support to those in Olga Fudge Lodge. Particular attention is paid to accommodation needs, budgeting, debt repayment, such as fines, housing, amenities etc, and educational and employment options. Referrals, advocacy and advice in areas such as traineeships, housing and income support play a major role at Narungga House.


Outreach service

This is provided to clients once they leave Olga Fudge Lodge or Narungga House, for a period of 12 weeks. It assists them in integrating back into the community and in sustaining their tenancies. It also provides advice on services that are available to meet the needs of both clients and their children.


Service areas

The program provides services in the Adelaide metropolitan area.


Want to find out more?

Email or phone (08) 8205 1500.




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