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Family Group Conferencing

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What is Family Group Conferencing?

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a meeting with family to talk about your kids’ needs and how to keep them safe. DCP will offer you a chance to have an FGC when they have worries for your kids’ safety and wellbeing. It is a chance to work together so kids can stay at home. This meeting is a way of yarning together where big decisions can be made with your family and by your family. The meeting is culturally safe. You and your family will look at what needs to happen for your kids to be safe. The Department for Child Protection (DCP) will talk with you to work out what your kids need and we will be there with you. There are three stages in a Family Group Conference meeting. They are:

Sharing the Story - This is the reason for the meeting and where your kids’ needs are talked about. It’s also about hearing how others can help, and to answer any questions anyone has.


Yarning Circle - This is where you and your family can talk privately and make choices of what to put in a Plan. DCP social workers and other workers are not in the yarning circle. You can ask your Facilitator to stay in the circle to support you and your family but they can’t make the plans for you.


Moving Forward - This is where you and your family share with DCP the plan you and your family have made for the future. It is also where your family Plan is signed as an agreement.

What can you expect?

Who can be part of my Family Group Conference?

• Confidentiality
• Cultural safety
• To be respected
• To talk about your thoughts and hopes
• To be included in planning for your kids
• To make a Family Plan that you and your family own

People who can be a part of your Family Group Conference include:
• Children and young people
• Parents, care givers and Elders
• Extended family and community members
• Support workers
• Youth workers
• Counsellors
• Social workers
• Other workers from agencies 

What happens after my family group conference?

 You can start working on the things contained in the Family Plan once it has been agreed by you and DCP. DCP will help monitor the success. You and your family own and are responsible for your Family Plan. To make sure it is working for everyone and meets the needs of your kids, it can be reviewed after a time which is agreed at your conference. The facilitator will be there again to help with the review meeting. You can reach out to your Facilitator or DCP anytime for support if things change and you want to speak to someone.

Family Group Conferencingis available in: Metro,  Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Gawler, Port Pirie, Kadina, Whyalla & Port Augusta.


Please contact one of our friendly staff:

Salisbury 4 Ann Street Salisbury SA 5108

08 8182 6567

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