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Youth Accommodation Services

Youth Accommodation

What the program offers

The aim of the Youth Accommodation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Specific Homeless Service (YAATSISHS) program is to assist and support Aboriginal youth, based on the intake criteria of homelessness and youth in crisis and/or at risk of homelessness.


It offers a short-term accommodation service from two locations in metropolitan Adelaide – Olga Fudge Lodge for females and Narungga House for males - funded under the National Affordable Housing Agreement, Homelessness Strategy Division, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.


Olga Fudge Lodge and Narungga House respond to incoming referrals for emergency accommodation, information and referral, crisis intervention and support. Our primary objective is to support Aboriginal youth in achieving stable, sustainable, affordable accommodation and to assist youth who have social and personal issues, which, if not addressed, cause them to remain at risk of homelessness.


The units are staffed 24 hours a day and are open every day of the year. We are able to house six clients at Narungga House, plus two additional emergency beds; Olga Fudge Lodge is able to house eight clients with children. Staff comprise male and female youth support workers, who are dedicated and committed to both their clients and the program.


All staff are expected to be familiar with the principles of youth work and to be experienced in such areas as case management, behaviour management, mandatory notification and first aid. In addition, staff advocate for, and liaise on behalf of their clients.


A major prerequisite for a YAATSISHS team member is to be culturally sensitive and, wherever possible, a member of the Aboriginal community. Strong emphasis is placed on staff’s ability to adopt culturally appropriate practices when working with Aboriginal youth. YAATSISHS provides services in a non-discriminatory manner that is empowering and developmental, and which enables Aboriginal youth to be involved in decisions that affect their lives.


Entry to Olga Fudge Lodge and Narungga House is by referral from Trace a Place, Homeless Gateway, other service providers and self referral. See who can access the services here.


Service areas

The YAATSISHS program operates in metropolitan Adelaide.


Want to find out more?

Email or phone (08) 8205 1500. 

SAHA feedback and complaints process

You are able to provide feedback directly to the South Australian Housing Authority. To do this, please click here.