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Connection to Culture

This program is about ensuring children and young people in the Out of Home Care system – family based placements or residential services placements – are supported to maintain a connection to their family and culture through an active and rigorous approach to creating and sustaining cultural connections.   

This includes working with foster carers who have Aboriginal children in their care and working with AFSS Residential Services who provide care for Aboriginal children and young people.

AFSS want to ensure that each Aboriginal child and young person in AFSS care (Residential Services or Family Based  Placement) has an individualised Cultural Plan that focuses on their connection with their own language, culture and community.

The program provides services across the Adelaide metropolitan area, Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln.

Outcomes of the program

Connection to Culture is designed to ensure that:

  • AFSS foster carers actively engage with the carer households, liaise with Carer Support Officers, to support the ongoing implementation and review of each child’s Cultural Plan.

  • Through collaboration with AFSS Residential Services, ensure the implementation of an individualised Cultural Plan for each child and young person in care.

  • Training packages are developed and facilitated for AFSS staff, AFSS carers and the broader non-government organisation  sectors in cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural competency frameworks.


What you can expect
  • We work with Carers, AFSS staff, Families SA staff, children and young people in care, being respectful and working with specific cultural needs.

  • We meet with you on a regular basis to review and plan cultural activities.

  • We keep your personal information confidential.

  • We ensure you're included in all discussions and decisions.

  • We provide practical help and support to ensure Aboriginal children and young people are connected to their culture.

If you are interested in holding a stall/activity/performance for AFSS Children’s Day
please click on this link to download a form 
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