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Community Safety and Wellbeing

The Community Safety and Wellbeing program (CSW) is committed to community safety and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South Australia. The program focuses on early intervention and prevention, with the goal of ensuring that families have increased capacity, are kept safe from violence and harm, that parents make sure their children go to school and that families are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to grow happy in a safe and healthy environment.


Community Safety and Wellbeing provides a highly structured approach to working with Aboriginal individuals, families, groups and communities across South Australia.


Central to the program is the emphasis of the Australian Government’s and AFSS’ focus on schooling, education, employment and community safety outcomes for Aboriginal communities.


The team

Our CSW Facilitators work as a part of a professional Statewide team to deliver established education, awareness and training programs, to Aboriginal individuals, groups, families and organisations.



Community Safety and Wellbeing services are offered in Adelaide, Ceduna, Coober Pedy, the  Murray Mallee, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and the Riverland, and also in outlying communities in all regions.


The program responds to a number of identified needs:

  • Improving  the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and families

  • Parenting skills development - for parents, carers, parenting adolescents, parenting fathers, men leaving the prison system and returning back to family and community

  • Bonding issues for parents and children who have experienced domestic violence or intervention from child protection agencies

  • Addressing attitudes to women and violence against women (especially for men and adolescent males)

  • Addressing sexual, drug and alcohol abuse

  • Equipping parents with the skills and knowledge to address budgeting, nutrition and hygiene

  • Assisting families to deal with daily routines including the requirement for children to go to school appropriately prepared

  • Developing home, cooking, budget management skills, particularly for families on limited incomes

  • Working with individuals to help them to better manage grief and loss and the healing process

  • Building capacity for families to manage problems

  • Helping families to be more resilient, confident and motivated.

The programs

Circle of Security-Parenting is designed to help parents and carers become more aware of their children’s needs and work out if their responses are meeting those needs.

Healthy Homes and Resilient Families - Growing Up Healthy - learn about budgeting, nutrition and cooking! This program aims to give you and your family practical ways to manage money and to make sure you are making healthy food choices.

Healthy Homes and Resilient Families - Routines and Rules - will help you learn why routines need to be part of your everyday life. Creating the right routine to suit your family is the trick! The program will provide you with useful tips on how you can have a great start to the day without all the fuss.


Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK) -The BUGK Program is an integrated suite of activities and tools that are unique and offer all parents and carers a fresh way to understand and enact relationships with their children.

The Shark Cage® -  Shark Cage®  teaches us how to use our human rights as a way of setting up healthy boundaries. This program will help you to increase your knowledge of healthy & unhealthy relationships, increase your awareness of the impacts of abuse, and help you to recognise a potentially abusive or exploitive person.

Seasons for Healing - is an awareness and education program that can help you to manage grief and loss. The program, has been specially adapted for AFSS, in consultation with Good Grief Ltd and Healing Foundation.

New Dreams

AFSS New Dreams provides Aboriginal women and their children who have already escaped from family violence an opportunity for a fresh start and support as they move towards stable housing, education, training and employment, whilst supporting their efforts to ensure their children are fully participating in school. 

Staying Safe - is an Australian Government funded program that aims to inhibit the intergenerational cycle of family violence within the community. Staying Safe works alongside individuals and families to reduce family violence and improve the safety of women and children

My Money Dream -'My Money Dream' is focused on fostering financial prosperity and cultivating positive money habits among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals aged 16-60. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve financial security, enabling them to pursue their desired lifestyle and save for meaningful goals such as a car, a holiday, or a home.

Want to find out more? Email or phone (08) 8281 5440

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